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Have You Tried These Amazing Crystal Prime 7000 Flavours?

This indeed speaks of the fact that the vaping industry grows by leaps and bounds with new e-juices or e-liquids in different flavours flooding the market. Thus, it is opening up consumption to a broader platform with different tastes. The Crystal Prime 7000 is a standout vaping device known for its exceptional performance and delightful flavours.

The Crystal Prime 7000 is a handy vape for anybody who requires quality and convenience. Sleek, compact, and very light, this fits perfectly in your pocket or purse, making it very portable. The Crystal Prime 7000 may be small, but it boasts a durable, long-lasting battery that delivers consistent vapour. Not only does this mean it’s user-friendly, but the Crystal Prime also caters to an inclusive church of flavour preferences. However, it is a great all-rounder for any vaping enthusiast, novice, or seasoned pro.

Crystal Prime 7000 Flavours

There are many flavours available for Crystal Prime 7000. It will feature an exciting lineup of unique and delightful options that will enhance the overall flavour session. Below, we will describe some of the popular flavours made possible by this incredible device.


Skittles are a standout flavor for the Crystal Prime 7000 users. This candy mimics Skittles with a sweet treat and a blend of fruity flavours representing a rainbow. It’s the perfect Skittles flavour for vapers seeking a playful and vibrant experience with every vape. This symphony of fruit tastes would bring back the memory of those rainbow-coloured candies that took generations by storm. Such a good flavour balance, sweet but not overpowering and too subtle at the same time. It really hits all the right flavour notes of a sweet without being overly sentimental. This is a sure way to be an all-day vape.

Hubba Bubba

If you love nostalgia, then this is the flavour of Hubba Bubba that is sure to be stuck in yours on this Crystal Prime 7000. It’s like a blast from the past, with its classic bubblegum flavour evoking memories of an iconic brand. Hubba Bubba flavour gives a sugary sweet delight with a stomp of bubble gum, giving it that whimsical, fun feeling associated with vaping. With every drag, it feels nostalgic, much like blowing bubbles and indulging in many of childhood’s oft-overlooked simple pleasures. Any vaper craving sweet and playful e-liquids that give them a taste of something more than somewhat reminiscent of the past should have this as the perfect flavour.

Triple Mango

Triple Mango is among the choices found in the alternate relaying of tastes from Crystal Prime 7000 Flavours. This flavour on the Crystal Prime 7000 is going to substantiate absolute delight for mango lovers. It is truly exotic and very fresh, like a treat for receptors of taste buds, with a rich, juicy, and very wealthy mango taste in flavour. Triple Mango offers three unique mango varieties in its flavour profile, each contributing to a truly delicious experience. Well, in the end, it is highly fruity and refreshingly sweet. It draws its power from juicy, fleshy, and ripe mangoes. This taste is something that will go hand in hand with vaping for every fruit lover who knows how to enjoy bolder and more balanced e-juices.

Berry Blaze

The other exciting flavour from the Crystal Prime 7000 series is Berry Blaze, which is a sweet mix of mixed berries. This flavour combines both sweet and tart notes from several berries into an all-out, lively, yet refreshing experience. Berry Blaze will suit anyone who’s into complex fruit blends, giving only refreshing lightness with every puff. Each berry in this blend lends a unique trait to the mix, resulting in a flavour that is both harmonious and dynamic. Ideally, it is a flavour for vapers who like their e-liquids fruity with a bit of bite.

Cherry Ice

The Cherry Ice flavour through the Crystal Prime 7000 shall echo through the rich and sincere taste of cherries combined with the menthol finish. Savour the sweet, juicy flavours of ripe cherries with a refreshing menthol chill. This is one flavour that everyone who loves to have the taste of cherries with a refreshing feel will definitely be in love with. A perfect choice for some summer vaping or for those times when you want to chill out and sweeten up a little. The cherry and menthol combo provides the satisfaction and refreshing flavour required in a vape. So, this would be an excellent pick for vapers who love their fruity and refreshing flavours.

Watermelon Ice

The Watermelon Ice flavour for the Crystal Prime 7000 provides a rich and authentic watermelon taste, finishing with yummy cool menthol. On the inhale, a rich, ripe watermelon flavour provides juicy satisfaction, and on the exhale, the menthol fills the air with coolness. This flavour was just meant to bring anybody a nice, refreshing turn in flavour when they’re indulging in watermelon. Ideal for summertime vaping and whenever a refreshing and sweet treat is needed. Watermelon and menthol fuel each other to give out a savoury, refreshing flavour. It is perfect for every one of those vapers out there fond of fruity and refreshing e-liquids.

Banana Ice

The next great and endearing flavour from the Crystal Prime 7000 list is the Banana Ice. It gives you a sweet and creamy banana taste, finished off with a calm menthol tone. Vape this creamy, fruity e-liquid flavour with a refreshing twist that is sure to be loved by any fan of creamy/fruity flavours. Banana Ice embalms the flavour of ripe, creamy bananas into this vaping experience and sweetly mixes refreshing elements. Menthol is added to make an excellent, tingling finish that’s sure to please when the days are too hot, or you need a refreshing vape.

Blueberry Raspberry

One of the most beautiful fusions of the two most popular berries in the Crystal Prime 7000 series is Blueberry Raspberry. It is a flavour combo of sweet ripeness of blueberries and tartness of raspberries, all balanced into one pleasant, bright vaping experience. Perfect for those seeking fruity e-juice with a touch of tanginess. So, let this Blueberry Raspberry creation illustrate complex yet satisfying flavour all day.

Pineapple Ice

Of all the range of the Crystal Prime 7000 flavours in this series, Pineapple Ice is superior. It’s juicy in taste and juicy but refreshing. From fully ripened pineapples, juicy sweetness is gotten, then cooled off with a menthol finish for an exotic but exhilarating vape. However, pineapple Ice was developed in order to meet refreshing creations of taste fused with tropical flavours. Packaging the pineapple flavour fused with menthol, this one delivers a lively and excellent taste. This flavour is ideal for just about any summer day. 

Summer Dream

The Summer Dream is to draw inspiration from the perfect summer day. It is evocative and delightful in the Crystal Prime 7000 series. Summer Dream blends various fruits commonly found during summer to create a refreshing vaping experience. For those of you who love fruity e-liquids in a complex and vibrant flavour profile, Summer Dream is just the thing. This mix of summer fruits presents a whole myriad of full-flavour sweetness—indeed, refreshing. Perfect for warm weather or for any time one wants to taste a bit of summer.

Final Thoughts

The Crystal Prime 7000 is almost the cream of the crop among available vape devices. It’s sleek, powerful, and loaded with user-friendly features that would impress anyone seeking quality combined with convenience related to their vaping experience. Moreover, the most attractive aspect of the Crystal Prime 7000 has to be the diversified portfolio of flavours: sweet and fruity, leading with every puff. Also, going into the deep flavours of toffee, sweet cream, and cool and refreshing. Crystal Prime 7000 offers flavours for all your taste desires, whether it’s berries, tropical fruits, or classic candy. Each one works to create a rich and complete experience. Hence, it makes the Crystal Prime 7000 accommodating to both new and seasoned vapers.

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