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Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000

Rechargeable Vapes: Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 is bringing change

Disposable vapes have become progressively well-known because of their usability and portability. Consequently, it makes them a go-to decision for the majority of vape users. In any case, the name "disposable" suggests that these devices are intended to be disposed of after use. Consequently, that can be wasteful and costly in the future and for a long period. So, here comes the disposable rechargeable vape concept that has its benefits. Luckily, there are ways to recharge some disposable vapes. Also, it permits you to expand their lifespan and reduce your environmental footprint. 

What are Rechargeable Vapes?

A rechargeable disposable vape is different from traditional disposable vapes in many ways. One of them is that it has a rechargeable powered battery. Therefore, with a disposable vape, you want to dispose of the vape device when the battery drains out or when the device's liquid is finished. That isn't true with a rechargeable disposable vape. Likewise, in this vape, when the battery dies, users can recharge it and continue to use it until all of the vape juice finishes. Lastly, the primary differentiation is that rechargeable devices incorporate a charging connector that empowers users to recharge them when the batteries are drained constantly. 

Rechargeable battery vapes exist because individuals need their devices to last longer. Outfitting a disposable vape like Crystal Prime 18000 with a recharged battery permits it to have a much bigger e-liquid supply at about a similar cost. Thus, it implies that the amount of cash you spend on vaping each day is much lower. However, vaping can't actually get less expensive than that.

How Do Rechargeable Disposable Vapes Work?

A disposable vape either stores its vape juice in a wick situated close to the warming coil or in a repository like what you'd have with a vape tank. So, when you vape, the e-fluid held near the atomizer coil is vaporized. Through absorption, the wick carries more vape juice to the coil. Lastly, this goes on until the vape runs out of e-fluid or the battery's charge runs out.

Recharging a disposable vape is simple; however, it's important to realize that you could have to provide your charging cable because some rechargeable vapes don't include it. You don't need a new cable every time you purchase this vape; you simply need one. Counting a USB cable with each vape would make the devices more costly than they should be.

How Long Do Rechargeable Vapes Last?

One of the longest-enduring disposable vapes is the Crystal Prime deluxe 18000. Similarly, it has a cost of $13.99 with up to 18,000 puffs.

How long will this vape last, knowing that it may produce up to 18,000 puffs? Consequently, the response is contingent upon your vaping habits. We'll go into more depth about that shortly. But first, let's discuss how the puff count and how you would smoke a cigarette connect. As a result, it usually takes a smoker eight to fifteen puffs to finish a cigarette. Based on such knowledge, let's assume that 12 puffs are equal to one cigarette. If so, 240 puffs on a disposable vape should be roughly equivalent to a pack of smokes. Thus, a rechargeable device such as the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 is roughly equal to 72 packs of cigarettes. That's more than enough.

Before you expect that an 18,000-puff rechargeable vape is almost equivalent to three containers of cigarettes, it's essential to consider that a disposable vape's puff count isn't an assurance or guarantee. It's the most significant number of puffs that the device can create under totally ideal circumstances.

Focus on these three tips if you want this vape to reach the puff count printed on the bundle package. 

  • Inhale quickly when vaping by taking shorter puffs. Because disposable vape manufacturers typically count puffs using an average of no more than one second. 
  • Let's say you take two puffs on average. In that situation, your device will only deliver around half of the advertised puff count, yet your puffs will still feel short to you. So, after each puff, give the device some time to cool down. Therefore, the e-liquid in a disposable vape will run out faster if it gets hot. 
  • Your devices might easily last more than a week. But if you vape when you don't actually need the nicotine, you'll find yourself replacing them every few days.

Is Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 one of the best rechargeable vapes?

In contrast to conventional disposables, the Prime Deluxe has a 650mAh battery. As a result, it lasts longer and produces less waste overall. As consequently, this 650mAh battery ensures prolonged vaping sessions in a hurry, adding to the Deluxe 18000's mobility. Thus, it seamlessly combines comfort and performance into a single, sleek device.

Because of its battery capacity, you may enjoy very long vaping sessions without having to worry about your device running out of power. Likewise, it's like having a trustworthy friend by your side the entire time you vape. Also, it makes sure you never miss an opportunity to savour your favourite flavours.

What differentiates the other vapes from the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 battery? That is undoubtedly incredible, but it goes beyond size. It also has to do with how well vaping works according to its performance. This rechargeable vape provides steady power to the heating element so that each inhale is enjoyable. 

To make matters more convenient, the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Plugging in the device when it's low on power solves all of your problems without worrying about removable batteries and external chargers. Lastly, you can concentrate on enjoying your favourite flavours without having to deal with any extra effort thanks to this hassle-free vaping process.

Further, the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 clearly stands out among rechargeable vapes because of its remarkable battery performance. It guarantees worry-free vaping with a 650mAh capacity and dependable performance. You can vape to your heart's content. Thus, if you're looking for a vape that will satisfy your demands regarding battery life, look no further than the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000.

Specifications of Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000

  • Up to 18000 Puffs
  • Draw Activated 
  • Prefilled E-Liquid Pod Tank 
  • Tank capacity: 25ml 
  • Mouth-to-lung vaping mechanism
  • Premium-looking, user-friendly crystal design
  • Mesh coil technology 
  • 650 mAh Battery 
  • 130*25 mm size
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Crystal Clear with LED Effect 
  • Available in more than 24 best flavours


Rechargeable vapes, such as the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000, are more affordable and environmentally friendly than disposable ones. In addition, these vapes save environmental waste and have a longer lifespan. This is due to the use of rechargeable batteries. Specifically, the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 includes a strong 650mAh battery. So, it guarantees long vaping sessions without the inconvenience of frequent recharging. Among rechargeable disposable vapes, it stands out for its dependable performance and handy built-in rechargeable battery. Likewise, mesh coil technology and draw activation are two features that make every puff of this vape smooth and tasty. The large variety of flavours it offers, and its elegant appearance further enhances the whole vaping parameters. All things considered, the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 is a prime example of the advantages of rechargeable vaping devices. Also, it provides consumers with an affordable, eco-friendly, and pleasurable vaping options.

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