Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 - Instant Vapes' Finest Creation

Flavour: Strawberry Kiwi
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Experience Luxury: Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 by Instant Vapes

Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 from Instant Vapes is an innovative vaping device designed with cutting-edge technology to transform your vaping experience. It guarantees smooth operation and produces reliable, enjoyable vapour clouds.

Even with its strong performance, the Crystal Prime 18000 still boasts a remarkably slim and easy-to-carry structure. It can easily slip into a pocket, perfect for use on the go without compromising on quality.

This device's strong battery allows for longer vaping sessions, ideal for extended periods of use. Its trustworthiness guarantees continuous pleasure, whether you're at home or on the go.

However, the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 Flavours not only focuses on performance but also provides a wide variety of flavours. From juicy fruits to flavorful tobacco mixes, there is something to satisfy any taste preference.

When you buy the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18k from Instant Vapes, you're not only receiving a high-quality product but also knowledge and customer support from a reputable vape seller. Instant Vapes ensures satisfaction from buying to inhaling.

Key Features Of Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000

  • Up to 18000 Puffs
  • Activated by drawing in
  • Mesh coil technology
  • Battery capacity: 650 mAh Battery
  • Battery type: Built-in Rechargeable
  • Crystal Clear with LED Effect
  • Available in more than 24 best flavours
  • Prefilled E-Liquid Pod Tank
  • Tank capacity: 25ml
  • Mouth-To-Lung Vaping mechanism
  • Premium-looking, user-friendly crystal design

Crafting the Perfect Vaping Experience: Crystal Prime Deluxe 18k Design

Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 Puffs has a stylish and comfortable design. With its sleek curves and user-friendly controls, it feels ergonomic when held. The portable and convenient size of the device enables easy travel. The robust design guarantees the item will last a long time. Moreover, the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 Flavours come with a transparent tank that makes it simple to keep track of the e-liquid levels. The entire look is contemporary and elegant, attracting vapers with any preference. Essentially, the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 Puffs design blends style and functionality, resulting in a vape device that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Portable Powerhouse: Crystal Prime Deluxe 18k Takes Vaping Anywhere

Crystal Prime Deluxe  is small in size and easy to carry. Conveniently put it in your pocket or bag without any difficulty. Ideal for vaping while you're out and about, no matter your location. The performance of the product remains uncompromised despite its sleek design. Easily carry it with you without any difficulty. When you're on the go or away from home, it's easily accessible. There is no necessity to compromise quality in exchange for convenience. Experience the same excellent vaping sensation no matter where you go. To sum up, the Crystal Prime Deluxe  offers the flexibility to vape whenever and wherever you want.

Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 Puffs: Advanced Features for Superior Vaping

Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 Puffs provides outstanding performance. With a capacity of up to 18000 puffs, it guarantees lasting satisfaction. Activated through inhaling, it is simple to operate. Mesh coil technology offers a seamless and delicious vapour experience. The 650mAh capacity rechargeable battery delivers reliable power. The straightforward design with LED effect adds a stylish touch. Select from more than 24 delicious flavours for a unique, personalized taste. Equipped with a 25ml prefilled E-Liquid Pod Tank, it reduces inconvenience. Different preferences are accommodated by the mouth-to-lung vaping method. Moreover, the high-quality, elegant crystal design is also easy to use. Overall, the Crystal Prime offers a top-notch vaping experience by combining convenience, style, and performance.

Unbeatable Value: Choose Instant Vapes for the Best Prices

At Instant Vapes, we provide unmatched prices, and this is why our product is exceptional. To begin with, buying from legitimate sellers or producers guarantees the genuineness and dependability of the product. You receive excellent quality for the most competitive price, ensuring your money's worth. With every buy, you'll discover that our product is valuable and provides an outstanding vaping experience. Furthermore, purchasing items in large quantities results in additional discounts for you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, buying our product will be an intelligent financial choice. In conclusion, at Instant Vapes, we place importance on keeping prices low while still maintaining high quality, making us the perfect choice for all your vaping essentials.

What makes Instant Vapes the preferred choice?

  • Purchasing from Instant Vapes ensures you are receiving an authentic product. As a genuine provider, we assure you of the genuineness and honesty of each product we offer for sale.
  • We do not compromise on quality. We aim to offer our customers the most excellent vaping experience, so we always prioritize the quality of our products. Instant Vapes offers a top-notch device that adheres to our strict standards.
  • We realize the significance of providing competitive prices to our customers. At Instant Vapes, we aim to maintain competitive prices while upholding high-quality standards. Our dedication to offering top value guarantees that you receive the maximum benefit for your money when you do business with us.
  • Our committed customer service team assists with any questions or issues you may encounter. We are available 24/7 to help you, whether it involves fixing a problem or giving advice on products.
  • Instant Vape’s top priority is making sure that our customers are fully content. Our goal is to provide a great experience with Instant Vapes by going above and beyond expectations.


What is the maximum number of puffs that the Crystal Prime Deluxe can hold?

The Crystal Prime Deluxe provides up to 18000 puffs, guaranteeing extended vaping pleasure.

Does the use of this product comply with UK laws?

Indeed, the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 is permitted in the UK, adhering to all relevant laws.

What is the anticipated duration of use for this device?

The Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000's lifespan can differ depending on how it is used and maintained. Nevertheless, as long as it is appropriately cared for and maintained regularly, the device is meant to offer consistent performance for a prolonged period.

Can this device be charged?

Definitely, the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18k includes a rechargeable battery built-in for easy recharging.

What is the capacity of e-liquid that the tank of this device can hold?

The Deluxe 18000 comes with a 25ml e-liquid tank. Therefore, it offers plenty of space for storing your preferred flavours.

What kind of coil system does the Deluxe 18000 use?

The device employs a mesh coil system to guarantee a steady and uniform vapour output.