IVG 2400 Disposable Vape Pod Puff Bar

Flavour: Pineapple Ice
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IVG 2400 puffs - Innovative Disposable Vape - Instant Vapes

Instant Vape introduces IVG 2400, a disposable vape with futuristic features and a sophisticated design. It is the latest disposable vape in the Instant Vapes collection and is becoming popular for its unique design. Furthermore, it comes with four 2ml pods containing four mesh coils and an interesting rotating system. So, when one pod runs out of e-liquid, all you have to do is twist the device to start vaping from the next pod. 

Specific features of IVG 2400 disposable Vape 

  • Puff Capacity: 2400+ puffs

  • Battery: 1750mAh built-in battery

  • Draw Activation

  • Unique style design

  • TPD Compliant

  • Eco-friendly 

  • Cost-effective

  • Slimline, Compact and also Easy to Pocket

  • Choice of many different IVG vape flavours 

Price of IVG Vape 2400 at Instant Vapes

When it comes to pricing, Instant Vapes ensures that our products are of good quality and reasonable price. Therefore, we source products directly from the manufacturers or authentic buyers. As a trusted online vape shop, we do our best to exceed our customers' expectations, and for that, we go above and beyond. 

We offer competitive prices, but our focus remains on providing quality goods. So, investing in our goods involves more than just getting the initial price; you will also get lasting benefits. Because we offer discounts that are worth your money, we also offer deals and discounts on bulk buying, enabling our customers to save money. 

Therefore, order now from Instant Vapes and get the best deals and discounts. 

IVG 2400 flavours at Instant Vapes

IVG 2400 has a variety of flavours, as a result cater to different preferences, and these include:

  • Classic Menthol

  • Strawberry Watermelon

  • Yummy Gummy

  • Blue Raspberry Ice

  • Blue Razz Cherry

  • Strawberry Mint Menthol Mojito

  • Cola Lime

  • Berry Lemonade Ice

  • Fizzy Cherry

  • Heavenly Drops

  • Grape Ice

  • Plum Blue Raspberry

  • Ice Blue

  • Blackcurrant Lemonade

  • Peach Mango Ice

  • Red Apple Ice

  • Blackcurrant Menthol

  • Professor Blue

  • Lemon and Lime

  • Strawberry Ice

  • Watermelon Ice

  • Fresh Mint Menthol Mojito

  • Pineapple Ice

  • Tropical Fruits

  • Berry Fizz

  • Blueberry Fusion

Exceptional Vaping with IVG 2400

The IVG 2400 vape comes with a 1750mAh battery that delivers enough power to vaporize e-liquid and produce 2400 puffs. Each pod of this device is also equipped with 2ml of e-liquid and its mesh coil, consequently producing smooth and flavourful non-stop puffs. With this unique vape device, you also get to enjoy the value of four disposable vapes at the price of one. Therefore, this vape is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, convenient, satisfactory, and provides an exceptional vaping experience. 

The Correct Use Of The Device

The IVG 2400 pods are redesigned to make vaping less costly and convenient for users everywhere. This device has a draw-activation system like other disposable vapes; however, there is an additional rotating pod system with which you can easily switch the pods.

To start this device, you just have to remove the cap, insert the four pods into the chamber and inhale through the mouthpiece. As a result, you will enjoy delightful and smooth puffs of IVG vape. In addition, if you like to switch pods, just lift up the cap and twist between the flavours. However, make sure that the arrows are aligned with the pod numbers that you want to enjoy. 


How many puffs will I get in one IVG 2400 disposable device?

This new disposable vape offers 2400 puffs in total as It has four pods with 2ml e-liquid that deliver 600 puffs so that you can enjoy 2400 puffs and an extended vaping experience 

How long do these disposable vapes last?

IVG 2400 vapes last for almost 3-5 days, depending on use. Moreover, this vape is equipped with a powerful battery, which means you can enjoy vaping without any interruptions. Furthermore, the rotating pod system ensures that you can switch the pods if you get bored with one flavour. 

What is the cost of IVG 2400 bars?

At Instant Vapes, you will get 

  • Single IVG 2400 Disposable Vape Pod Puff Bar for £13.89

  • IVG 2400 Box of 10 Disposable Vape Pod for £39.99